Summer Workouts

You don’t have to go to the gym for some summer workouts. As a personal trainer, I often tell people to get as much outdoor time as you can in the summer. As the motto of the House Stark (for all you Game of Thrones fans) says, “Winter is coming.” We all know what Baltimore winters are like. They can be cold wet and windy, making you want to witness them inside the house, rather than venturing outdoors. Getting out in the sun helps boost your vitamin D levels, too. Do it wisely and build up gradually. You need some sun to create adequate vitamin D, but you can get too much of a good thing.

Communing with nature as you get exercise helps the spirit.

Not only does it do your body good to have an abundance of fresh air, but it also adds a touch of serenity to your workout. One study showed that people who worked out in the great outdoors often found their enjoyment and satisfaction greater. Whether you’re taking a brisk walk along a trail or simply doing your regular workout in the backyard, you’ll get a huge benefit from these types of summer workouts.

Split your time between the gym and the great outdoors.

Come workout with us in the gym and get the benefit of using a personal trainer, but also spend some time hiking through a park or enjoying a backyard workout. Unlike the gym floor that’s level, the terrain outside is far more challenging. If you’re taking a hike, you’ll find it’s a bit more difficult on the uneven terrain than it is if you’re walking on pavement or working out in the gym. That works your core muscles harder to maintain balance and helps you burn even more calories.

You can share your workout time with the kids when you have a summer workout that’s outside.

Whether you head for the beach to go swimming, take a hike through one of the local parks or just enjoy exercising in your backyard, you can make it family time. Not only will you be getting exercise, you’ll be creating memories for years to come and teaching your children how to live a healthy lifestyle. In fact, you don’t have to set apart a special time to workout. It can be as simple as walking the kids to school or walking to the grocery instead of driving. It’s time well spent with the family.

  • Using your time away from the gym to do other activities can not only boost your weight loss, but also add more enjoyment to getting fit.
  • If you’re hiking a distance or taking the kids along, make sure you have adequate hydration available. Hiking together can also be super fun if you take along a healthy snack or lunch to eat in the middle of the hike.
  • Take advantage of every opportunity to get more exercise. Walk up the stairs, rather than riding the elevator and on these nice summer days, park further from the store so you can walk more.
  • Don’t quit your summer workout program just because fall arrives. There’s lots of comfortable days to workout outside throughout the year.

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