Benefits Of A Workout Partner

Lots of time I find that I’m the first workout partner my clients in Baltimore, MD ever had, which is sad because there are huge benefits of a workout partner. Just like working with a personal trainer, you have a commitment to the partner to show up at the gym or where ever you choose to workout. That keeps you accountable and keeps you going on those days when you’d rather just stay home and watch TV or check the tweets or FB posts. One study showed that a phone call every two weeks to check on exercise boosted the average person to workout by 78 percent.

You’ll workout harder when someone is watching you.

You may feel like coasting downhill on that exercise bike, but if you know you’ve got a partner watching, you’ll keep pedaling. Sometimes, it’s just that little competitive streak in you coming out and being motivated to do better than your partner does. Nobody wants to be the low person on the line that can’t finish an exercise, so being challenged by a workout buddy can help you keep on going when you’d really rather quit. One study showed that people worked longer when they were exercising as a team, as much as 200% longer, even if the partner was virtual.

You’ll have a safer workout with a buddy, especially if you press weights.

You need a spotter for those exercises that involve weight lifting. A workout partner can also help identify areas where your form is less than stellar. Doing an exercise incorrectly can minimize the benefits, while also boosting the potential for injury. If you’re a jogger or runner, find a fellow jogger to make your trips, particularly in the winter months if you’re going out after dark. It’s safer for a number of reasons, but the most obvious is that there are two of you in case there’s a danger or an injury.

You’ll tackle more complicated and new workouts with a friend.

When there’s two of you, it’s not as intimidating learning new things. Whether it’s learning how to use the kettlebells, trying free weights for the first time or even going to a yoga class, it helps when you have a friend to join you. Exercise buddies can also bring new ideas and workouts to you, so you have more variety.

  • If you’re feeling bummed about not progressing as fast as you should or shedding the unwanted pounds, a workout partner can provide support and encouragement.
  • A workout partner won’t let you rest on your accomplishments, but keeps you pushing toward higher and higher goals.
  • It’s more fun to share a workout with a friend. Exercising isn’t often boring, but it isn’t always fun either. Having someone to share it with makes it more fun. You get to share your accomplishments, too.
  • If you’re learning to eat healthier, your workout partner can help you in that area. Whether sharing ideas for snacks or a healthy recipe that’s positively delicious, you’ll benefit with a better diet that’s tasty.

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