Favorite Healthy Breakfasts

One of my favorite meals of the day is in the morning. I love healthy breakfasts. Not everyone is Baltimore, MD agrees with me or feels they have the time for anything but a donut or bowl of cereal. It may be easier than you think. If you’re not a morning muncher, making a breakfast snack for midmorning might be a good option. For others that like breakfast, but don’t feel like they have the time, there are some quick healthy breakfasts that will do your body good, but won’t get you off schedule.

Weekend breakfasts are the best.

On the weekend, you normally have more time and breakfast actually turns into a brunch. One of my favorite weekend breakfasts, one that takes a little time to make, is Mini scrambled egg muffins. While it’s easy, it does require 8 to 10 minutes baking time and that means you have to warm the oven first. Plus cutting and cooking some of the optional ingredients. Just mix eggs, milk, salt and pepper then add the fixings for the frittata style muffin. I also add small pieces of steamed broccoli, red pepper, mushrooms, onions and bits of lean meat. Sometimes, I use ham, sometimes turkey and sometimes grass-fed beef. You can also tear spinach leaves and put it directly into the egg mix.I cut these in small pieces and precook the mushrooms, onions and meat. Pour into muffin cups and serve with whole grain toast and fruit.

Quick breakfasts that take only a minute but are super healthy.

If you have time over the weekend, make some healthy banana or pumpkin bread. There are a number of recipes online that are excellent. Spread nut butter on it. I used to use nuts when I made the bread, but found this is also a great way to get the benefits of nuts and flavor. It gives a boost of protein and some carbs. I love pecan butter and cashew butter!!!! Grab a hard boiled egg and spread mashed avocado on toast. It’s all good and it’s all fast.

Take a slice of bread, a small jar of nut butter and a banana to work.

If you’re not a morning eater, maybe you’re a midmorning one. You can satisfy your hunger easily by packing a snack-like breakfast. A small jar of nut butter to spread on a slice of bread and top with slices of banana is a healthy treat even Elvis would love. A plain hard boiled egg is another option. That healthy banana bread mentioned earlier, pumpkin bread or zucchini bread topped with nut butter is also handy and easy to transport without heating or refrigeration. Apples and natural peanut butter are one of my favorite snack treats.

  • A filling breakfast that’s good for you is oatmeal topped with almond butter or peanut butter. Some stores that sell bulk nuts have a nut butter machine where you can make your own. Drizzle a little maple syrup or honey if you want it sweet.
  • Scramble eggs with mushrooms, spinach and onions and top it with a slice of fresh tomato or feta cheese. Fruit on the side, sprout toast and/or kefir can add to the feast.
  • Plain Greek yogurt mixed with fresh fruit and some granola is filling, yet healthy.
  • Grab a smoothie. You can add almost any ingredients, just make it something you like. On hot days, use frozen fruits. Coconut milk or plain yogurt could be the base. Throw in some ground flax or chia seeds. (Flax seeds need to be ground to get the benefits. Do it right before you use them.)

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