Personal Training

12 week personalized training program

Experience the Workout Blueprint Difference with In-Person Training!

This 12 week full-body program will be tailored to your specific needs and wants whether male or female. This program can be used to lose weight, get lean, build muscle, achieve a chiseled physique, or all of the above! Each week we will be holding you accountable with weekly check ins to track progress and if need be, adjusting your macros and workouts as necessary to ensure you get the best results possible!

Why Personal Training?

What you’ll learn about mindset and personal development

1. How to beat procrastination, take  control of your life and get the  results you deserve

2. How to overcome fear/anxiety with confidence, discipline, and a  roadmap to success.

3. How to handle temporary set  backs and turn them into massive  success

What you’ll learn about training

1. How to break down workouts by  muscle group and progressively  challenge each body part

2. How to train primary and  secondary muscle groups properly

3. Proper form for each exercise

4. Different mods of cardio (High  intensity, Low intensity, Interval,  and Steady)

What you’ll learn about nutrition

1. Why nutrition, in combination with training, is essential for you to  achieve results.

2. What macronutrients are and why  they work

3. What food items are ideal in  reaching your macronutrient goals

4. Supplement recommendations  and the reasoning behind why  they can enhance your results.



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