“I have no doubt anyone will achieve results.”

    WOW WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN?! Olivia is not only a very knowledgeable trainer and nutritionist; she is compassionate and REAL. She takes into account the full picture of you and tailors her approach to be sure that you get results. Without her expertise and intuition of holding me accountable, I would definitely not have been able to get to where I want to be. She really knows what she’s doing, so if you are willing to trust her and the process then I have no doubt anyone will achieve results. Olivia always seems to know the right thing to say when you need to hear it most! I can’t thank her enough for the support, knowledge and patience she has shown me throughout this process. THANK YOU!!

    Raechel R.
    “She’s real, she cares, she’s honest...”

    Not really sure how to put into words how much this experience means to me. I’ve always been an athlete ever since I can remember. About 2 years ago, I was in a car accident that changed my life. I was unable to do physical activity for over a year. At that time, I really just let myself go. I was sad, depressed, upset, just feeling like there’s just no way to ever get back to the athlete I once was. I felt this way for a year and a half, y’all! A year and a half of my life was consumed by unhealthy habits and self destructive talk. Until I saw Olivia’s posts online and started looking into her program. Once I talked to Olivia I knew I just had to train with her. She’s real, she cares, she’s honest, and she takes the time. I completed her 12 week coaching program and it was actually FUN! I learned so much about my physical strength and the way to feed my body from Olivia. In 12 short weeks I was down 20 pounds. It’s not a quick fix, it’s hard work, but it’s SO worth it. Olivia helped me see that fitness is a lifestyle change and I cannot wait to keep training with her. If you’re thinking about it or if you’re on the fence, do it! Commit now because if not now, WHEN!?!?

    Ali P
    “I have regained confidence!”

    I started working with Olivia when I was four months postpartum. I was ready to get back on track; but, was feeling stressed over the thought of coming up with a plan. Olivia’s expertise was a huge relief. The program was thorough, challenging, and fun – without being overwhelming. Olivia was always available if I had questions and our weekly check-ins helped keep me accountable. Twelve weeks later, I am thinner, stronger and healthier. I have regained confidence; and, for the first time in years, feel excited about working out!

    Sara D
    “Olivia Goes Above and Beyond with her Training!”

    Hard to find all the words to express how much Olivia has saved and changed my life.  I have struggled with being overweight all of my life since childhood.  No matter how much I tried, I never lost any significant weight on my own. Despite being so fearful of a trainer, I realized to really learn you must invest and find the best. Olivia was recommended for specializing in weightloss and having successfully lost weight herself, which gave her an immense understanding.  From day one Olivia has been professional, passionate, knowledgeable, focused, encouraging and above all dedicated.  I started at 230 pounds, she kindly but firmly trained me through exercising, nutrition, mentality and health.  She goes above and beyond with her training, workout plans, nutrition plans, advice, availability and keeping accountablility.  Since working with her I have lost 75 pounds and I’m immensely grateful for her.  Each of her thoughtfully designed workout plans work like magic! I continue to train with her because she is so valuable. Olivia is an inspiring person, gifted trainer, and is truly helping others with Workout Blueprint online coaching!” 

    Rocio Cintron
    “I’ve worked out for over 7 years, all types of various training methods. Through all that time I never saw the type of progress over such a short time like I did with Aaron’s training program”

    I’ve worked out for over 7 years, all types of various training methods. Through all that time I never saw the type of progress over such a short time like I did with Aaron’s training program. The speed at which I’m putting on muscle and losing fat is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Down about 36 lbs in 12 weeks, and still made major strength gains. I’ve never had a custom made training program like this, and with a lot of effort and always getting those extra reps that Aaron pushes for in our sessions I was able to make major changes to my physique in only 3 months ! I owe him a lot for changing the way I look at working out and realizing how I can hit my true potential.

    Alex Hagopian
    “Olivia's Style of Training is Very Inspiring!”

    Working with Olivia was so rewarding and what I needed to propel me forward in my now two year long fitness journey. Over the last few years, I have completely transformed into a different person both mentally and physically. Olivia helped my weight loss journey peak and truly helped me become a happier and more confident version of myself. Olivia’s style of training is very inspiring, motivating, positive, and understanding. She understands no one is perfect but also pushed me to be better and stronger every week. She is very personal and patient to each one of her clients. It is evident that she cares about you and your personal fitness goals. I could not have asked for a better first time experience working with a trainer. When my fitness journey began two summers ago, I never thought I would have been where I am now. With the help of Olivia, I truly am so happy with my results & hope others can feel the benefits of finding a love for living a healthier lifestyle.” 

    Katherine Langrehr

    Man, I dont know where to begin. After 2 years of constantly going out to sea and restless nights filled with energy drinks and unhealthy eating habits, I fell into a bad habit. One that i shame my self for. Being constantly on the go I reached out to Aaron. He is well known and his work is undeniably incredible. Even I, an avid weightlifter needed help. So I went to him as a trainer/coach. He knew exactly what I wanted and exactly how to get me there. He is professional in this field and really cares about his clients. He works around any kind of schedule. And TRUST me, me being a submariner is not easy to make time for other events. But he found a way to over come and set me up in the right path immediately. I saw results the first month and couldnt express how much I was in shock. He kept busting my ass each day with the workouts he customized for me, the bi-weekly coaching calls and pushing me knowing I would commit to anything. So after three hard ass months of kicking ass in the gym, I went from 215 to 170! Thats a 45 lb weight difference. More toned, fit, and stronger! Highly recommend this guy to anyone. Trust the process. 💪.”

    Codi Printz
    “Workout Blueprint is exactly that – a blueprint to fit your specific needs that not only allows you to see results very quickly but FEEL so much better and so empowered”

    Workout Blueprint is exactly that – a blueprint to fit your specific needs that not only allows you to see results very quickly but FEEL so much better and so empowered. Aaron and Olivia are so knowledgeable and have such a craft and passion for what they do, I LOVE THEM! Seeing these results in just 12 weeks motivates me to continue my health and wellness journey and continue to better myself 💕💪. They are really there for you the whole time, motivating you, coaching you, and answering any possible questions you have on fitness and nutrition. It really is an all-in-one program!”

    Maddie Sullivan
    “Aaron's coaching calls are always extremely beneficial.”

    I was working really hard in the gym. The results were ok but I felt I wasn’t getting to where I wanted to be with the amount of effort I was putting in. That can be discouraging after a while.

    Then I came across Aaron and The @workoutblueprint page on Instagram and I immediately thought let’s give this a try. Had an uplifting introductory call with Aaron and from there the real work and fun began. He nailed down my diet to perfection, put in place rigorous but results driven workout plans for the first 12 week phase. I dropped weight and felt incredible. His coaching calls are always extremely beneficial and he also has a library full of technique videos at your disposal. I just started my size effect phase and can’t wait for the next 12 weeks!”

    Ben Murrow
    “Aaron will challenge you and not sugar coat things”

    I was apprehensive about needing a trainer and justifying the cost. Aarons is very approachable but honest, he will challenge you and not sugar coat things. Initially, Aaron worked closely with me to correct my form, flexibility and learn new exercises. Once I had established a solid skill base he designed a workout routine and helped me adjust my diet and track my macos. He motivated me to do a 12 week challenge. I cannot emphasize how much this decision has impacted my life. I lost 20lbs, dropped my body fat to 10% and gained muscle mass. I am in the best physical shape I have been in 10 years. In addition from the physical transformation my mental health, stress levels, and confidence have all improved. I feel as if I have upgraded my life and working with Aaron has been the best decision I have made.

    Andy Belenduik

    I started training with Olivia 7 weeks after having my son. I saw her own transformation on Instagram and knew she would be able to help me reach my goals. Within the first couple weeks, the weight started falling off and I became stronger. She really pushed me each week with new workouts and a meal plan. She was constantly motivating me to do better and knew how much I was capable of. The change I saw each month was amazing. I plan to continue to workout and eat clean because this is a lifestyle change, not a diet. I now feel so confident in my own skin and am so excited to see my body change even more! If you are unhappy with how you look/feel and are ready to start a lifestyle change, please contact Olivia for personal training. She will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to kill your workouts. Your life will definitely change for the better! Thank you so much Olivia!

    Shelby Robinson

    I was insecure about sending these photos because of where I started but everyone has to start somewhere 🤷🏻‍♀️ and I couldn’t be more thankful for where I am now. Weight and staying “fit” is something that I have always struggled with, I have had my ups and downs but this time I was determined to make a change and it stick. I have worked out for years, but would always go through a time period where I slacked off and the gym was not my priority. I started with Aaron in February and his work outs helped me tremendously get back in a routine and be confident in a gym once again. I started exercising a lot more, but more importantly focused on my diet and the food choices I needed to make in order to reach my goals. I can say that I am much happier now and have a heck of a lot more confidence because of this lifestyle change. Thank you Aaron!

    Jordan Vazquez

    Training with Aaron has changed my whole mindset of working out. I used to spend hours in the gym in addition to running every week but I wasn’t leaning out or getting the results I wanted. I now complete most of my workouts in less than an hour and have decreased my running and have completely transformed my body. I can’t wait to see what my body is capable of doing as I continue to work with Aaron.

    Alex Oaks
    “Olivia taught me the importance of good form, good nutrition, and good life balance.”

    I came to Olivia with the goal to “tighten things up”. I didn’t know what it would take or how successful it would be. I needed to start somewhere. Olivia was patient. She studies her craft and shares her knowledge. Her passion for a healthy lifestyle helped me to see beyond my limits. Olivia taught me the importance of good form, good nutrition, and good life balance. This transformation was not just to my body, but to my mind. I’ve learned that I’m stronger than I think. I feel more confident. I enjoy working out and eating right. I’m thankful for the support I received from Olivia and my family and I’m super excited about the progress that’s been made. It’s the push through the burn where the change happens!

    Natalie Corley
    “Aaron coached me through my workouts and constantly found new ways to challenge me. ”

    Once I became pregnant, I let my cravings take me over. I had no self-control and ate whatever and whenever I wanted to. After I had my son, I was the heaviest I had ever been.

    About a year later, I started going to the gym with Aaron, and he became aware of my unhealthy habits and encouraged me to start living a healthier lifestyle. I explained to him how much I had always wanted to get in shape, but the fear of not knowing how to workout and eat healthy had always stopped me from taking that step. Finally, I agreed to commit to the gym and a healthier lifestyle. We got a membership to LA Fitness in our hometown and began going to the gym 6 days a week. Aaron coached me through my workouts and constantly found new ways to challenge me. I did my part at home by buying healthy groceries and meal prepping all my meals. Before I knew it, about 3 months had gone by, and I lost 30 lbs. Within 9 months, I lost another 30 lbs. I was amazed. I knew I was working hard but I couldn’t believe how quickly I lost that much weight by simply just committing to something, and going at it full force.

    Olivia Beard

    Finding Aaron was honestly one of the best things that ever happened to me. I had just completed a year-long recovery from a labral tear in my hip, previously playing a Division I sport for four years. Once I was in the gym by myself, I felt lost and confused on what I should do without the structure that had been provided to me for so long. Aaron gave me the structure I needed and workouts that pushed me the way I had been in college. Little did I know working with Aaron would be the beginning of my journey in fitness, as I went on to become a certified personal trainer. I’m so grateful to Aaron for kicking my butt into gear but also starting me on to my path of doing what I love everyday.

    Lyndsey Munoz
    “Aaron has such a passion for what he does!”

    Aaron helped me achieve the results I was looking for and then some. I was always in good shape growing up, played sports year round in high school. Then when I got a desk job and stopped playing organized sports, I gained quite a bit of weight, more than I was used to ever having on me. When I came to Aaron, I knew I had the drive to get where I needed again, but I didn’t have the direction. He gave me a great plan that not only lost all the weight I gained, but i got more cut up than I had ever been. Other than helping me, he’s a good dude who you can tell has such a passion for what he does and it shows in the workouts he designs for his clients. This man is a pro, let him get you where you want to be!

    Jordan Campbell
    “All my life I was THE Fat kid”

    All my life I was THE Fat kid as long as i could remember i was always obese .My biggest fear was going to the doctors and weighing myself because i knew that every time i went i gained more weight. Before meeting Aaron i tried to losing weight for 2 yrs but kept failing. At one point i accepted the fact that i will never be “normal “ and always an insecure fat kid. But one day i decided that it was enough I had to change. I met up with Aaron and He helped me begin my weight loss journey. At first i doubted myself, but when i saw the scale go down it became an addiction. Other people doubted me, and that always motivates me the most. Aaron really changed my life for the better, prior to him and I meeting up, losing weight was just a dream, but he dedicated some of his time to change my life forever. I appreciate everything he has done for me 🙏🏾. With hard work and dedication and the will power to become my best i have managed to loose 120lbs in 7 months with the help of Aaron.

    Christian Garcia
    “Olivia truly cares and is passionate about her work”

    Olivia inspired me to take control of my life through her personal transformation so I began training with her right away. I have been challenged a great deal but that never compromised her confidence in me. She has impressed me with her knowledge and understanding. Olivia truly cares and is passionate about her work. She has taught me that determination and consistency are key. Also that nothing is impossible. Even when I didn’t think I could, Olivia knew I could. I have gained much nutritional insight and learned ways to incorporate healthy eating into my everyday life. I overcame my fear of lifting weights thanks to Olivia. I lost 15 lbs. and 5% body fat, and felt encouraged every step of the way. As a human I made mistakes but Olivia never made me feel bad about them. She helped me move on and do better next time. She is a realist and that’s why I chose her!

    Amanda Finnegan


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